Your favorite wildlife goes here

By John Upton

What’s your favorite plant, animal, pathogen or natural phenomenon? Let me know in the comments section or on my Facebook page. I’ll pick at least one suggestion, dig up the latest scientific research about it and write a blog that’s guaranteed to fascinate. If I don’t get any ideas I swear I’ll just write about my favorite kingdom of life, fungus, from now on!

My brother with a finger’s worth of swarming bees.

3 thoughts on “Your favorite wildlife goes here”

  1. Can I sheepishly admit to an inordinate fascination with the lowly pigeon? Their success in being “wildlife” in our midst seems unmatched. What is it about them that has made them so successful in hanging around on our fringes?

  2. Hi John,
    I really would like to find out more current info about hydrolic fracturing in the US. All the things I have read have contradicted each other and I feel there is definitely a connection between earthquakes (and the “booms” people around the country have been reporting) and the geothermic company’s messing with the water tables….I mean, don’t fault lines run right near them? How can they not be affected??

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